Solution to Word Count Program


In this assignment, we should:

In my solution, I created a LeafNode class which represents the node in the tree.  By inheriting form the LeafNode, I created BinaryTree class.

WordCountBTree class privately inherits from BinaryTree to do word counting.


For more detail, please to the specification of the assignment on the instructor's Web page.

I am not done with this project yet, more are coming up...   AG00069_.GIF (5445 bytes)

classes header implementation
class LeafNode LeafNode.h LeafNode.cpp
class BinaryTree BinaryTree.h BinaryTree.cpp
class WordCountBTree WordCountBTree.h WordCountBTree.cpp
driver   main.cpp


1. After I finished writing the BinaryTree class, I realized that I should have implemented it differently.  I should think recursively in  the tree level, not just in the function level.  I will work on that and update those links when I am done.

2. I am still debugging the WordCountBTree class, but generally it is working with the file I created myself.